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 ~Vintage Surfboards~

     Chubbysurf offers great vintage collectibles at a great prices!  Just think, NO AUCTIONS, NO OUTBIDDING no creepy people on craigslist! We have alot of variety and conditions to fit everyones budget! We have extensive collectible knowledge (checkout what Ehow said about us) Any assistance you may need, we are always available! Our shipping options and our packaging is top rated. Look for our rating scale on each item (1-10 condition), 10 being best to give you our opinion on the boards overall quality! We update our VINTAGE SURFBOARDS every week! Additional pictures can always be obtained, email or call us at (805) 573-0739! 

Bunger 6'11" Surfboard
$375.00 Free Ship!

(7) Eastcoast! A transitional, 1968 "Design1" egg, pintail model by Charlie Bunger. Clear surfboard on the top, and tinted green on the rails and bottom. Condition is fair/good, there old repairs and staining, but it looks like a fun rider! Comes with the original WAVESET fin! Shipping is FREE using UPS ground delivery (continental USA shipping only), email us we have more photos!

Jacobs 7'5" surfboard 
$275.00 Free Ship!

(6.5r) Super RARE Jacobs minigun shape, #Z373, with floral logo (possibly the only one in existence). This surfboard was designed in the late 1960's, when the longboards were being cutdown into shorter boards. This board originally was clear in color, sadly, it was an outdoor shop sign for 20 years, so it incurred alot of wear and tear. The board was tastefully brought back to life, not perfect, but very nice to see! VERY RARE floral laminate that used for only for a handful of surfboards, in that time! Want more photos? Chat with us, or email us! Shipping Continental USA only, is FREE!

Surf Rider 5'0" surfboard
$250.00 Free Ship!

(7.5) You don't see these too often! A original 1930's Aquaplane wakeboard/surfboard, in good shape. Comes with the original rope and handle, one of the traction tapes is missing. The board is solid no delam or dry rot, it's not a perfect, but, what a great piece of nautical history! Measuring 5'0"x 21"x 3/4". US Continental Shipping is FREE! (ground 5-7 day)...Questions? Contact us! Additional photos could be obtained, just send us an email!

Dewey Weber 8'3" Longboard

(6.5) Early Classic! Santa Monicas, Dewey Weber, and early longboard with wood fin. This surfboard has a 2" balsawood stringer and red pigment on the top and bottom! Their is an inscription down by the tail, but hard to read. The fin is the best part about this board, it is a checkerboard wooden fin. Condition overall is ok, it has open dings at the nose and tail, more of a decorative piece, or rider. Still a rare, early Weber! Continental USA Shipping, $125.00 5-7 day delivery!

Dewey Weber 7'2" Surfboard
$500.00 Free Ship!

(7.5) This is an original late 1960's Weber "Ski" model surfboard, with a removable clip system fin in green. The whole board is clear in color, and there are mulitiple large laminates. There is a leashplug that would have been put in a later date. The board is in good condition, minor repairs needed! Continental USA shipping is free!  Contact us! Additional pictures available!

Greg Noll 7'9" Surfboard

  (8) Colorful! This is a late 1960's Greg Noll, "BUG", model with a removable, early "Bahne" center fin in orange. Very colorful top, in multiple acid colors! Condition is good and original, some old repairs made, along the rails (and 1 little nickel sized ding on the bottom), some sun discoloration on the bottom. Email us if you need additional photos, great Greg Noll collectible!! Continental USA shipping, via UPS ground delivery, just $100.00!

Hansen 10'2" Longboard

 (8) Mike Doyle model! Three stringer, foam with redwood, black pinlines, circa 1967. A great example of Hansen's best riders, a "large size" noserider too! The surfboard is all original, except the pigment at the nose and some black pinlining was added, during the repair. Original Doyle fin is in good shape, there is a little bit of water staining around the fin area. This surfboard is water-tight, ride or hang this great piece of Hansen history! USA shipping only, $150.00 door to door! Contact us w/any or if you need more photos! Contact 

Gordie 9'6" longboard
$425.00 Free Ship!

 (6.5) Early classic 1958-60' Gordie surfboard, with glassed on fin. It is pigmented in various shades of gray, the top is original pigment, the bottom was repainted. The laminate was so discolored that I spliced the glassed to see what was under it. Gordie (in his early years), laminated his business cards & this was a weathered and brown Gordie business card! The surfboard is a great wall hanger, not for surfing, Gordie is one of the icons from Huntington Beach, CA! Additional photos? Just send us an email!
Free Shipping! (Continental USA only) 

Dewey Weber 7'3" surfboard
$450.00 Free Ship!

 (7) Cool original Weber "Ski" model, clear in color with sunrise logo and removable fin! The surfboards in good condition, there are some old faded repairs, water staining on bottom, the top shows great! These Webers were made in the late 1960's during the transitional years!  The fin is very rare, it has all the clips too! Ask us your questions! Free USA shipping!

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 Stewart 5'2" Surfboard


   (7.5) Early 1980's Bill Stewart, "grom" twin fin fish! Stewart surfboards was and is still one of the largest brands in the surf industry. This is a cool little kids twin fin fish, with airbrushed colors, all original, just a cool inexpensive art piece now! It has a few repairs needed, and their are some old repairs as well. USA continental shipping just $65.00,using UPS ground. Contact us if you need more photos!

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