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Our Used Surfboards... is your source for USED SURFBOARDS period!  "We cater to everyone that has a request for something, nobody is left out"!  Our prices will always be affordable, we also have in store packing and shipping, saving you money! Most surfboards, $65.00 (ground UPS 5-10 day delivery). we filter in USED surfboards of all types (longboards, shortboards, fishes, quads, etc.), update every Friday! All surfboard purchases are first come first serve basis. Email us or call, if you have a specific request!

Anacapa 6'8" Surfboard

 Big guy board! Nice 6'8"x 20.5"x 3" Anacapa trifin surfboard, and detachable OAE leash. Nice thick shaped surfboard, water-tight, great for the person not wanting a longboard, UPS shipping, just $65.00! Questions? contact us! Free Chubbysurf sticker w/purchase!

Greg Liddle 7'0" Surfboard
$275.00 Free Ship!

  The legend! Nice 'old school' Greg Liddle 7'0"x 21"x 2 7/8" surfboard with Freestyle fins! This classic is in good condition, one dent on the top rail and a dent on the bottom that should probably get glassed. It still has plenty of life left! UPS ground delivery, FREE CONTINENTAL SHIPPING, door to door! Questions? Email us! 

Rusty 7'9" Surfboard

Island style! Nice gun shape Rusty surfboard, 7'9"x 18 3.5" x 2.4", good used condition. There are some light pressure dents and old repairs. USA Continental shipping, just $85.00! Question? contact us, we also carry new fins and leashes for these surfboards too!
Free Chubbysurf sticker w/purchase!

JS 6'6" Surfboard

Super clean! JS (6'6"x 19"x 2.3") comes with detachable leash and removable FCS fins. The surfboard is great used condition, there are 3 old repairs, water-tight, still plenty of life left! No delam, great summertime stick! Free Chubbysurf sticker w/purchase, UPS delivery just $65.00!

Victoria 6'7"Surfboard

  Nice and light! The legend company, Victoria surfboards, with removable Ofishil fins! Water-tight, good condition, comes with a removable leash. Plenty of life left, shipping just $65.00 using UPS door to door shipping! Questions? Contact us!

Schaper 8'5" Surfboard

 Island Style! Clean mini gun shape by Carl Schaper Hawaii, glassed on fins and leash! The board is water-tight and great shape, looks like it wasnt used much! Shipping, just $95.00 UPS ground Continental delivery! Need a boardbag with this surfboard? Need additional photos Contact us!


Talon 5'8" Surfboard 

Watertight! Nice Talon shortboard from Oceanside, CA. It is the "swamp thing" model, dimensions are 5'7"x 19 1/8"x 2 1/8" with removable FCS fins. The condition is nice, a few little repairs have been made on the bottom, a good backup board to have! More photos are available, click here or use our free chat on this page! Free Chubbysurf sticker with purchase, shipping just $65.00!

 Jeff Clark 10'0" Surfboard

The ultimate epoxy! Epoxy big wave "gun" shape, by the legendary Mavericks man, "Jeff Clark". Serial #L100GUN001 (I believe it's the 1st one made), comes with removable FCS fins & detachable leash. Great condition, very lightweight, wasn't used too much! We can supply additional photos, just click here! Or simply used our FREE CHAT!
Shipping only $150.00, free Chubbysurf stickers with purchase!

More SURFBOARDS TO BE UPDATED BY May 29th, 2015 Email us anytime with your questions!!! 
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